Outstanding Contributors

“We at Rainbow would like to recognize the generous contribution of one special young man, 13 year old Jake Schmalz, who donated a portion of his Bar Mitzvah presents to Rainbow, in the form of an $850.00 donation ! His selfless act sets a fine example, and was instrumental in the completion of a well, which provides fresh water for the school children and surrounding community.


Winni has developed sponsorship programs for orphans in the city of Addis Ababa and built a school to educate children in the remote countryside. Through Rainbow, Winni continues to bring life and hope to hundreds of children.


Rainbow has just held a very successful fundraiser, reaching our goal of $ 10,000.00 to be used to provide a fresh water well to the Debre Muse community, (about two hours drive from Addis Ababa) where the school was recently completed. This is the first step in providing a framework for a self sustainable community, based on agriculture and sheep farming.

Rainbow also hopes to provide a medical clinic for the surrounding population, where none currently exists.


Rainbow Humanitarian Caretaker Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization recognized by the IRS under section 501@ (3). It's designated identification # is 95-4703584.