Addis Ababa

The Rainbow Humanitarian Caretaker Foundation currently provides counseling, food, and clothing to over 200 orphaned and abandoned children in the capital, Addis Ababa. In addition, we have sponsored over 85 children with Children Incorporated. 

Lack of funding has severely affected the ability of the organization to provide desperately needed resources that could make a significant impact on these communities. 

Debre Musa

The Ethiopian government has provided us land in Debre Musa, which is two hours outside the capital city of Addis Ababa, to develop and build a school. The school will provide education to students in grades first through eighth, as well adult vocational classes.

The facility will include many classrooms, a small clinic, a library, a cafeteria, restrooms, and an art/music room. The school will be used to educate over 200 children in the surrounding area, with attendance increasing on an annual basis. Books and school supplies will be provided to all students, as most families are unable to afford them. A life skills course will also be offered to the adults in the community to introduce guidance on topics such as agriculture, sanitation, hygiene, entrepreneurship, and awareness. 

In addition to the school, a plot of the land will be used to model efficient and environmentally sound methods of farming. The vegetation that is farmed will be used for nourishment of the families and also to sustain the program. Farm animals such as sheep and cattle will be purchased for milk and cheese as well as for their goods to help with the program. 

In the near future, we would like a health care clinic on the property. To provide adequate medical treatment of the community is essential in the ability to provide humanitarian relief. Medical professionals from around the globe will donate their time and services if they have proper medical facilities to work in. We will also build a volunteer housing dorm to facilitate all volunteers that come to help with the project.